February 21: Kim Brandt: Landscaping: AVA Gallery, LES, through Issue Project Room’s Artist in Residence program, 12pm-6pm.

January 29-31: Shannon Hummel/Cora Dance: StoriesEnough and down here at Shannon Hummel/Cora Dance 2015 Season of Performances at BAM Fisher Theater



Thursday and Friday December 18 and 19: Nadia Tykulsker: Saw You Yesterday: Soft Openings at Triskelion Arts, 8pm

Friday and Saturday December 12 and 13: Julie Mayo: There, there at Fidget in Philadelphia, PA

Thursday, November 6: Kim Brandt: Untitled for Aunts at the New Museum,4-5pm

Tuesday, October 21: Kim Brandt: Untitled at Roulette, Brooklyn, 8pm

September 27: Nadia Tykulsker: Saw You Yesterday: Hoover Dam Collective’s night, 10 and 10:30pm

September 6, 13, 27: Shannon Hummel/Cora Dance: COMMON DANCES through BAM and NYRP’s “Arts in the Gardens Series”

September 12 and 14: Megan Harrold: Bath Water at Triskelion Arts, 118 N 11th St in Williamsburg, BK

July 12 and 13: Shannon Hummel/Cora Dance: Phase one of COMMON DANCES: site specific dances in Red Hook, Brooklyn

May 8 and 9: Julie Mayo: There, there at JACK in Brooklyn, NY

May 3: Shannon Hummel: Winter at Cora’s Gala in Red Hook, Brooklyn

April 8: Shannon Hummel: Winter with Sunny Hitt at Open Performance through Movement Research

April 23: DIRECT 2 VIDEO: featuring work by Ariel Arakes, Brian Blomerth & Kate Silver, Carlton Morgan, Heather Bregman & Katie Dean, Joe Legzz
Michael Raftery, Naoko Wowsugi, Nic DeSantis: 2nd installment to the Direct-to-Video series spotlighting avant/abstracts/documentary/short films/collage/non-descript/nowave films from multimedia artists and non “artists”@Byrd Theatre, Richmond VA

March 12: Julie Mayo: There,there at Dixon Place for the Brink Series

February 20-22: Heather Bregman and Katie Dean: HERE I AM AGAIN ALONE AGAIN

presented by Triskelion Arts in Brooklyn. Our 2014 Season made possible by significant contributions from the following people:  Rachel Warren, Lindsey FitzGerald, Will Schneider, Bonnie Paulsen, Mike Bernicchi, Jeremy Teter, Violet Drake, John Granofsky, Hannah Frisch, Nicholas Croft, Lydia Ritenour, Amy Cova, William Waldinger, Andrea B. Ward, Julia Heffernan, Andre Ponticello, Adam Chamberlin, Mike Ford, Ellery Moses, Greg McFadden, Courtney Cooke, Brenda Drake, Douglas Rieger, Megan Harrold, Tania Cubitt, Capt Randy, Jason L’Ecuyer, Shana Ryman, Vesa Loikas, Nadia Tykulsker, Laura Seymour, Julie Mayo, Ben Padgett, Crowdlings, Javier Berzal, Vladyslava Podzigun, Xan Burley & Alex Springer, Brinson Leigh Kresge, Jordan Hamilton, Charli Brissey, Charles Drake, Shannon Hummel, Mary Jaquith, Melissa Brading and Walt Winfrey.

More visuals from the work here



Saturday, June 1- Nadia Tykulsker: Running Time: Aunts through Arts@Renaissance on 2 Kingsland Ave in Brooklyn. 8:30 9:30 and 10:30, outside, inside and in a shower.

April 18, 19, 20: there is no right now, Chen Dance Center, Newsteps Program.




November 17: Royal Jelly: Center for Performance Research 8pm Tickets available at$15

Royal Jelly is an exploration of nostalgia, our collections, the Golden Record, symmetry, iPhones, lust, and randomness.  Airin Dalton, Megan Harrold, and Nadia Tykulsker perform it. Original music scored by visual artist/sound artist Heather Bregman. Set design by Katie Dean and Michael Drake.

October 4:  Art Break Hotel at the ho$e/ 28 Lawton Street #1, Brooklyn, NY/ 7pm/  An examination of collage and its relationship to the misappropriation of media messages, popular ethics, and Shutterstock® Imagery.

Visual, performative, and interactive work from: Arielle Avenia, Lea Bertucci w/ Alaina Stamatis, Morgan Blair, Heather Bregman & Katie Dean, Cammisa Buerhaus, Rob Chabebe, Katherine, Claire DeMoss, Noah Collier, Jake Dibeler, Justin Frye, Stephanie Hinson, Greem Jellyfish, Sam Kalda, Zoe Ligon, Ruffeo Hearts Little Snotty, Jacob Severn


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